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iConsult is a truly revolutionary system, the first of its kind

A powerful web based system that provides diary management, invoicing, database and business reports.

This is combined with a state of the art iPad App that uses cutting edge consultation tools to enhance the patient journey and increase upwell and retention.

We also have total flexible pricing structures that mean you only pay for what you use.

Customer satisfaction is the key to business success, so iConsult enables you to easily create and record treatment plans, that will engage and convert your client and maximise their value.

A successful outcome begins with a full and comprehensive consultation. iConsult allows you to take six high quality i,ages from the iPad for each consultation, enabling you to take close ups, form different angles and really help your clients to see what is possible!

Combine iConsult with our new Stratum Skin Analysis system, and really set yourself apart from your competition!


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