Mr Norman Wright MSc Int Psych. Dip Clin Sup. Dip SW

Psychotherapist and Patient Safety Expert
– owner of The Wright Initiative.

The Wright Initiative, headed by respected psychotherapist Norman Wright, specialises in offering patients one-to-one support, both before and after undergoing a procedure.

The goal of The Wright Initiative is a simple one: we believe that every patient deserves the right to be able to make an informed decision about their procedure. This means ensuring that the patient considers, amongst other things, the impact that cosmetic treatment may have on their emotional, relational and psychological wellbeing, both in the short-term and in the more distant future.

The Wright Initiative sees the person behind the patient and is aware that both the patient and surgeon want the best experience of their surgical procedure possible. Given the negative press over the past years we appreciate the importance of supporting both the patient and the surgeon ensuring the best patient care and support is given. With an increasing number of people seeking cosmetic surgery, it is imperative that therapeutic support becomes part of your journey. Pre- and post-operative evaluation is essential in supporting the surgeon to assess the ERP well-being of the patient ensuring that the surgeon, too, sees the person behind the patient.

  • PaPPS is a consumer driven initiative addressing the emotional, relational and psychological wellbeing for people who are considering or having elective surgical or invasive aesthetic procedures.
  • PaPPS has been pioneered to support both the patient and surgeon ensuring that every aspect has been addressed and allows the patient to recognise their emotional, relational and psychological well being
  • Alongside supporting the patients, The Wright Initiative works with surgeons to ensure that their patients are prepared, mentally and physically, for the changes they will experience prior to and after surgery.

The bespoke PaPPS Initiative takes the form of brief and focal sessions that are held at TWI’s Nottingham and Harley Street clinics or via Skype. During the course of a minimum of two 60-minute sessions, the patient will attain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their emotional, relational & psychological well-being has been addressed by them and their surgeon thus providing integrated support.

Whether you are considering having a procedure, have had a procedure, or you would like to know more about how PaPPS can be part of your patient journey call one of the team: 0115 8890 330.

The link regarding PaPPS for Professionals:

Contact: Samantha Wright – Practice Manager 0115 889 0330